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The use of Aerial Photography/Videography

It has become more prevalent that aerial photography/videography has provided great benefits for the following Commercial industries:

Real-Estate agencies have been able to gain from aerial videography, to show off the property that offer higher scenic value. It also allowed the perspective buyer/s to view the surroundings of the property, proximity to amenities, the land shap and entire neighbourhood & in construction, contractors are leveraging by efficiently managing construction projects. With aerial photography, stakeholders get a comprehensive overview of the jobsite from planning to completion, visually documenting and monitoring activities along the way. This comprehensive overview aids in robust project and time management, saving dollars and pleasing clients.

Drone photography/videography also provides a safe vehicle for site inspection, delivering real-time data from dangerous areas and helping contractors mitigate problems before they worsen. By using drones in construction projects, contractors and site managers have an affordable method for obtaining actionable information and visual collateral that leads to smarter business decisions throughout the construction process and thats just to name a few.

In all businesses, small to large, as you might or might not know professionally produced video isn’t and has never been cheap, yet looked at as an important investment as it provides almost unparalleled value for the money in terms of marketing return over investment (ROI). With such a high amount of possible uses, video is very versatile in its capability to reach possible clients in a manner no other marketing way can. The cost of producing aerial video could differ largely due to the complex nature of some tasks. Most don’t realize that the more advanced your aerial equipment is, the more it will cost to produce a video utilizing that equipment. This is because having a drone that can handle heavier weight loads can accommodate heavier cameras. Typically the heavier the camera, the more it costs. Flying with a heavier weight load increases the risk and insurance liability, as it can cause more damage if something goes wrong. As always, it is ideal to give your local aerial video expert a call to get an idea of the cost for your particular project.

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