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Stage 1.

Prior to arranging a meeting, We will require a project brief, location, date, time, and event category.

This information will help prepare some project samples for our stage 2 Consultation so we can demonstrate some of our project capabilities


Refer to our Blog - 'Creative Briefsfor assistance on creating a brief

Time: Free of Charge (FOC*)



Stage 2.

Upon meeting, we will present three (3) project options to choose from so that the most appropriate product and service bests suits the Brief.


Alternatively, we can facilitate any special requests [subject to approval] you wish to incorporate should this be requested. Thereafter, a fee schedule will be made available to you via email, which will list the delivery process followed by our terms and conditions.

Time: One (1) hour consultation

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Stage 3.

We understand that everyone’s work schedules are different and appreciate that your time is important to you.


We have a fully flexible approach on how we conduct our business so allow us to help manage your service date and make it as hassle free as possible so we can capture your memories in style.   


Time: Per agreed service date(s).

Service Date(s)


Delivery Package

Stage 4.

Depending on your product and service arrangement this will be made available within four (4) weeks from Service date (Approx).

Time: Four (4) weeks.